Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chapter 3: The Players

Conner kept his eyes on the Martins as they proceeded to go into their mansion.  One by one they all flocked out in different directions.  The young girl Sarah Martin was slightly think but shows signs of constant health.  Her jet black hair seemed to shimmer as she walked.  The young operative watched her on the cameras and for a brief moment, it did seem like was floating as she walked.  Conner shook it off.  It had to be her white dress; it had to be.  He switched the cameras to check on the other Martins.  Victor Martin was overseeing some kind of removal from his SUV.  Conner blinked at the sight of the man’s outfit.  It looked like something out of 1989.  He wore a white and yellow free flowing overcoat; complete with shoulder pads.  His shirt was a neon green and blue mix.  “Ugh,” Conner grunted, “Adam Ant called, he wants his suit back.”

Victor and his young nephew Tony proceeded in doors.  Jeffery was left behind; forced to carry two large boxes by himself.  The young man struggled to maintain his footing.  From the noise coming into the speakers, Conner surmised it was bottles.  Perhaps this was the wine they were so famous for?  As the older man with slicked black hair walked in his looked to Tony.  The young operative switched the dial a bit up as they were in range of the microphones. “I know how it can be, Tony,” whispered Victor, “I was young once too, you know.  You are a very special boy.  We both know that.  But you must start doing your job.  We all have to do our job.”

“I know.” Tony muttered.

“What job?” Conner blinked.

“Well . . . then help your cousin with that.” The older man pointed.

Jeffery stumbled into the back door with the two boxes.  He glared at the blonde haired young man.  “Yeah, bout time.” He snapped.

“Sorry, It didn’t dawn on me.” Tony again mumbled.  Whatever they were up to, the young man was acting pretty disinterested about the whole thing

“Yeah, I’ll DAWN on you if you don’t get on the ball.” His cousin grunted.

“ Oh, you Cretini.” Victor shoved the blonde boy ahead of him.

Conner twitched his eyes.  This group of people were suspected of being serial killers.  He had to admit they were the best dressed serial killers he ever laid his eyes on.  Long ago, he remembered a story Mike had told him about how they took out a family of murderers in Chicago.  These people were unwashed and insane.  Not only were the Martin’s “fashionable”, it seemed they all shared that notion.  Rarely did the Son ever copy the Father but from Jeffery’s turned up collar and light pinkish Polo Shirt, Conner was wondering why these people weren’t hosting Project; Runway.

Jeffery positioned the box on the counter.  The young operative then used the camera to zoom closer to the young man’s chest.  He noticed something hanging out of his front shirt pocket.  Conner’s eyes bulged at the sight of the object.  It was the handle of a tooth brush.  “He . . . .he carries it around with him?” the operative blinked at the vanity, “Who . . .who ARE these people???”

“So what’s going on tonight, dad?” Jeff then asked his father.

“Well, we have to bottle the two downstairs,” the elder informed him, “And Sarah is coming in with six more tonight.”

“Six! All right!” his son laughed.

Conner felt the hairs on the back of his next twitching.  The only “six” he was aware of was the girls arrived in the next few minutes.  Victor said they needed to bottle the two downstairs.  The young operative slowly turned around toward the metal door near the vat.  If Victor was referring to bottling the two down stairs and if the six meant the arriving girls, then for all the operative knew; there were currently two victims right behind him.  Conner then stood up and started to get out his lock pick kit.  He had to work fast to get within.  He then huffed when he heard one of the doors from the stairs opening.  He glanced in time to see Sheila starting her decent.  He quickly shuffled his feet over to a nearby corner, quickly activating the Chameleon Stick.  The grid surrounded him and he was then blanketed in the hologram.  Conner remained perfectly still and silent as the older woman walked near him. 

She then leisurely approached the steel door.  Pulling out a key from around her necklace, she leaned down and unlocked the door.  Conner gritted his teeth.  Because of her holding the key so close to the chest, that meant getting it would be impossible.  The older woman then opened the door and strode in; clicking on the light as she did so.  Conner leaned his head over best he could without slipping out of the hologram.  He didn’t see much more than he already did.  He saw the massive conveyor belt that contained bottle after bottle.  In the back was the strange long wooden boxes with tubes coming out of them.  Conner blinked; he could have sworn he saw the same box in the kitchen upstairs.  Sheila calmly picked up a box on a nearby counter and then turned to leave the room.  She gently nudged the metal door shut leisurely as if she was bringing in the groceries.  The young operative watched her as she walked up the stairs and closed the door.

Conner finally breathed.  The Chameleon Stick continued to do its job.  He then rushed back over to the door and saw it was still locked.  However, there was another benefit.  Sheila left the light on.  That’ll make seeing inward better with his fiber optic camera.  The young man then turned back and walked toward the monitors.  He glanced at the Martins who were still in the kitchen.  He didn’t hear what the bulk of the conversation was about but Victor seemed depressed.  “The problem is Sheila and I might need to make a delivery.” He mumbled.

“What is with this emo crowd?” Conner grunted.

“That’s no problem, Tony and I can handle it,” answered Jeffrey.

“I’m not so sure.” His father whispered his reply

The mother of the group then interrupted them and placed the box she brought up from the basement onto the table. “These have to go too, “ said Sheila.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s this?” her son checked the box abruptly, “This is a special vintage!”

“Oh, Jeffery, don’t be so selfish.  Think of the poor, starving Augers.” Sheila then forced her son to put his collar down on his Polo shirt.

The operative tilted his head in confusion.  Who were the Augers?  Jeffery walked past his mother and flipped his collar back up. “Those animals.” Jeffery rolled his eyes.

Conner pulled out a small notebook and wrote down the Augers within.  He could only assume it was another family not as well off as the Martins.  However, AGAIN, that didn’t make a bit of sense in regards to how serial killers were supposed to act.  Jeffery swaddled back over to the camera and Conner couldn’t help but laugh as his up-turned collar.  “So the father is an Adam Ant fan and the son wants to be in the douche-bag hall of fame.” The operative sighed, “yeah, this is gonna be a fun mission.”

“They’re here!” screamed Sarah as she skipped past her family. 

“Good! Come, darling.” Victor guided his wife to follow the daughter.

Conner took a deep breath.  The girls with Kelli had finally arrived.  He steadied himself to keep his reflexes sharp.  Whatever was about to happen, he needed to make sure they were safe.  The young operative clicked his knuckles again and then checked on the two guys still in the kitchen.  Jeffery was picking up the boxes his mother asked him to give to these Augers.  Tony, like for the last few minutes, looked royally depressed.  “What’s the matter with you, anyway?” his cousin asked him.

“I don’t know . . . . . bored,  I guess.” Tony sighed.

“Bored?” Jeffery scoffed, “Well, that’s going to change pretty soon, huh?  I mean, we’re on our own tonight.”


“So . . .you heard him.  We got six, that’s got to be some kind of a record.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t think you understand, Jeff.  I’m not interested in that stuff anymore.”

“Oh, la-tee-da.”

Conner scratched the side of his cheek.  Tony seems so depressed, he might as well be borderline suicidal.  He watched the door men work their way to the back side door that led to the massive garage. Tony lowered his center of gravity to hold onto the box and then open the door at the same time.  “Open the door.” Jeffery urged.

Tony kept trying to work it open.

“Open the door . . . OPEN THE DOOR!”

“Just a minute!” Tony snapped back.

“How hard can it be to open a stupid door?”

“For you, Beavis, probably QUIET hard.” Conner smirked at their stupidity.

They tried to work their out of of the door and now the tables were turned.  Jeffery was having the same probably his cousin was.  Tony didn’t hesitate to stomp on him for it,” “Will you close the door? . . . . .Will you close the door?  HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO CLOSE THE DOOR?”

After the two bumbling morons left the building, Conner switched the cameras back to the main driveway.  A large rusty old Stationwagon slide into the driveway.  He could hear the girls singing along to some Katy Perry song.  The young man smirked, feeling a little eager to see what the girls looked like.  As they drove in, the vehicle cut it’s engines.  One by one, the girls began to file out.  They were an interesting mix.  Conner spotted brunettes, a redhead, a blonde and oddly enough, a young boy.  He couldn’t be more than 12 or 13.  The operative blamed poor Intel; SCAT directives mentioned nothing about some kid.  The blonde got out and then paused as she pointed toward an outcropping of bushes.  “Hey, did you guys see something moving over there?” she asked.

“You know, Ashley, I think it’s your imagination.” Another brunette said.

“Check out the boat!” the young kid laughed as he pointed down by the lake.

“I’m so embarrassed.” The amber haired girl sighed

“This isn’t exactly what I imagined though,” said the young, spunky redhead.

“Has anybody seen my Louis Vuitton bag?” said the clearly rich girl.

“Which one, you got about a million of them!” retorted the young kid by her side.

“Back off, dork face!” Amber Hair replied, “You just better be thankful I brought you along.”

“The only reason you brought me along is cause mom made you!” the little boy yelled.

“SHUT UP!” the rich girl threatened to hit him.

Conner raised an eyebrow.  So the little boy and the rich girl were brother and sister?  Duly noted.  The redhead made a comment how fun the weekend was going to be with the rich girl bickering with her little brother.  The operative then found his fellow SCAT member.  Kelli Medd slowly walked around; pretending as if she was enjoying the view.  She then kneeled down to the owl shaped statue.  Judging from the way she was glancing within, this was one of the cameras she was briefed on.  “You with me, Control?” she whispered, obviously not knowing Conner’s name.

Conner smirked as he quickly figured out how to give her a signal.  He briefly turned the driveway camera on and off.  In essence, it caused the owl’s eyes to blink.  She smirked and winked back at him.  “Watch our backs,” she whispered, “We’re going in.”

Conner smiled at the confidence of his fellow agent.  He knew she was probably an excellent undercover operative, otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen her for this assignment.  The agent then saw Sarah approaching the group.  Her bubbly and seductive demeanor shined through.  “Hi, guys!” she laughed.

“Hey, Sarah!” Ashley playfully hugged her.

“I was so afraid you decided not to come.” She smiled as she parted from her friend.

Conner felt uneasy.  If the young woman was a serial killer then the college co-eds were in for a rude awakening.  “Oh, no way, I’ve been looking forward to this all month,” said the other brunette.

“Sarah, this is beautiful by the lake.” Ashley commented.

“Really?  It looks more like a swamp.” The redhead replied.

“Hi, Megan,” Sarah said sarcastically.

Conner smirked over the playfully dim-witted redhead named Megan.  He liked her already.  Through the cameras he spotted Victor and Sheila eyeballing the girls from a side window.  The black haired man seemed to be almost licking his lips. “Looks like a healthy bunch.” He pointed out.

“Yes, it should be a good weekend.” His wife sneered.

“Too bad we must visit the Augs tonight.  I’d much rather stay and visit with our new guests.”

“Oh, Victor, we can’t neglect the poor Augers.”

“Augs? Augers? Who are these guys?” Conner whispered to himself, clearly confused.

“My dear, your charity work is beginning to be much too much.  Come.  Let’s go visit our guests.”

Conner switched the feed on the cameras so she followed them out into the front porch.  The elder couple strode hand in and hand.  Their joyfulness was sickening in the agent’s eyes.  He couldn’t wait to arrest them and get this mission over with.  “So these are your lovely friends from college.” Sheila pointed out to her daughter.

“Welcome to our little getaway.” Victor said, with his voice similar to an evil guest host from a 50’s TV horror show.

“Father . . . . .I’d like you to meet Cindy.” Sarah began the introductions.

“Hi.” The spunky brunette greeted.



“Megan.” she grinned

“Hey!” the redhead said, practically jumping.


“Hi,” the rich girl said eloquently.

“Her little brother Danny.”

“Sup?” the little kid waved.

“And?” Sarah pointed toward Kelli with confusion.

“Kelli,” the operative introduced herself. 

“Play it cool, Kelli.” Conner watched her intently.

“Yeah, Kelli is my biology class.” Ashley patted her back, “She’s super rad.  I hope you don’t mind, Sarah.”

“Oh, any friend of yours is a friend of mine.” The brunette giggled.

Kelli smiled; pretending to be blushing.  She knew she needed to get close to the Martins.  She then strode up to Victor, extending her hand.  “Nice to meet you, Mr. Martin.” She said.

The short brunette man took her hand and gently kissed her knuckles.  Kelli was slight taken aback by how cold he felt. “Please call me Victor,” he whispered with a flick of his eyebrows.

“So charming.” Lisa giggled.

“This is my wife Sheila.” He made the final introduction.

“C’mon, everybody, let’s go into the house,” the older woman invited.

Back in the basement, Conner sighed and leaned back into his chair.  He gently rubbed his right eye.  “Well, we know the players.” He whispered, “Time to start the game.”

Then something odd caught his attention in the monitors.  Conner looked at the camera focused on the hallway.  For some reason, two strange men in gray jumpsuits and full gray head masks were stumbling across the blue carpet.  The operative looked back into the garage where he saw Tony and Jeffery still trying to figure out how to load the boxes in the SUV.  If they were by the car, then who were these two men at the hallway?

“What the hell?” Conner muttered.   

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